Amazing improvements of rendering quality in ArtisGL 4.0.2

Monday, February 25, 2019

New version of ArtisGL has been released. Update related to samples, rendering quality and light options.

Let us tell about improvements one by one.

New Samples

First of all, samples are updated and old very simple examples are removed. Now you can find 24 high quality examples, including Blender 2.79 scenes with video output quality.
Check all 24 samples to understand what you can do with ArtisGL

CAD model importer updates

Usually importing CAD models (in. DAE or similar format) generated smooth faces error in ArtisGL, and you need to set Flat shading for normal rendering.
Now this issue has been resolved and we are removing incorrect normal when importing CAD files.

New Ambient Occlusion 

First important improvement - algorithm of ambient occlusion has been updated. Now AO is 2 times faster and can be configured to best quality without noise. 

You will find new AO options named "Area", "Blur Depth", by playing with Blur (set to 8) and blur depth you can get very realistic AO quality without noise.

Here is example:

And final rendering result. Rendering is real-time, you can see it in Samples section.


Blender plugin

New version of Blender exporter plugin with usage instructions is now available on our plugins page

Example of Blender demo scene, included in Samples section. This scene is video output oriented and contains animation track. If you want to have higher FPS please turn off Effects

(Effects->Allow Effects)


One more Blender exporter example also included in Samples. Again, scene is video output oriented and contains animation track.

New light options

Another important improvement related light source options.

1. Now you can add "volume" effect to spot light.

2. You will find also "Area" light in lights sections.  This light is coming from rectangular surface, and can be used to simulate lights from flat surfaces. Shadows are not supported.

3. Glow light - is a simple simulation of glowing circle with "rays" effect. This is not a real light, but can be used to put effect on Sub and different lamps

4. Now number of lights in scene is limited by your hardware (so usually can be from 8 to 32), but number of GLOW lights are not limited

5. Another useful option - clone light is available


Shadows are improved and algorithm of soft shadows has been updated.

Now you can find Quality option in shadows parameters under light.

Moreover, you can simulate GI like shadows (blurred) by selecting lowest Quality of shadow and turn on Softness options.


Depth of field also updated, see in samples


Download for free from Windows 10 Store

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