ArtisGL 3D Publisher is the new innovative way to view, create, edit, share and distribute 3D content

The concept of ArtisGL is quite simple. Our goal is to provide simplest and fastest way for publishing your scene to any of available targets just by SINGLE button. The question is: what can you do with a 3D model or even a full scene you have already made? The answer is: you can render it, print it in 3D, publish to Web3D, make 360 view, use as an element in 3D website, add interactivity and more appearance modes, make presentation video, use in AR, VR and much more. Basically, for each case you need separate products and solutions. But not in our case. ArtisGL has unique solutions: we can produce FHD videos in several minutes, create Web3D scene with minimal bandwidth and do much more, saving time and money of 3D artists…

Secure your work! ArtisGL never shares your original 3D work with public services.

In addition, ArtisGL 3D Publisher is powerful 3D viewer with real-time render supporting 40 3D file formats

ArtisGL Features

ArtisGL 3D Publisher is an easy to use tool for promotion of 3d products and panoramic images on the web, desktop or VR devices.


Real-time rendering on web, up to 10M poly scene
Physically based rendering pipeline
Environment reflections
Ambient occlusion
Image-based lighting
Directional, point, and spot lights
Soft shadows
Normal mapping
Static on-camera light
Per-material realistic water effect
Per-material flat mirror effect


Material grouping
Material extraction for object's elements
.MP4 video texturing
Common material editor
Maps: Texture Map, Bump Map, Normal Map, Environment Map,
Roughness Map, Metalness Map, Ambient Map, Opacity Maps
Blending options
Translucency options
Automatic UV mapping calculations
UV tiling and offset regulation
Wire-frame, Flat, Smooth and various shader options


WebVR ready content
Interactive hotspots
Interactive menu items
In-browser color changing options
In-browser camera navigation options
Multiple appearances generation for each scene
Interactive appearance menu
Animation menu


Field of View regulation
Multiple cameras manager
Object viewing camera
First-person camera
Depth of field
Tone mapping
Camera animation


Realistic tree & grass generation
Add panoramic background
Generate various predefined grounds
Water effect support
Mirror support
Custom ground generator
Background color
Save/Load environments


Fog effect, DOF effect
Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation
Blur, Sepia, Luminosity
Ambient Occlusion
Particles: rain, snow


Import over 40 3D models
Import multiple models into single scene
Models merging during import
Export from Autodesk Revit, 3DS Max and Blender
Save as ArtisGL Project
Export to .OBJ, STL, GLTF 2.0, GLB
Export to Facebook 3D Post


Publish and promote your models on
(WebGL and WebVR ready)
Publish panoramic image to the Web
Publish interactive scene to local WebSite (WebGL and WebVR ready)
Deploy to PC and mobile platforms
Produce high quality screenshot
Generate 360 Facebook-ready image
Produce HD video output
Publish to Facebook 3D Post
3D Print
Private link publishing


Per-appearance multi-track support
Environment animation
Materials animation
Camera animation
Lighting animation
Water/mirror animation
Multiple objects move/scale/rotate animation
Effects animation
Video generation for each track
In-publish menu items supported for each animation
FBX skeleton animation (coming soon)


Multiple appearances creation and editing
Creating simple objects
3D text generation
Tree generation tool
Surface-adaptive grass generation tool
Cloning objects
Exporting objects
Lights creation and editing tool


  • Business
  • In advance to all free features
  • $14.99 / per month
    • Unlimited FullHD/HD/SD Video Rendering
    • Local publishing
    • Private publishing
    • Export to OBJ, GLTF 2.0, GLB, STL
    • High resolution image generation
    • 360 images generation

    • and more...
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  • Enterprise
  • In advance to all free & paid features
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    • Customized 3D API
    • Logo-free publishing
    • Special viewer adapted to client
    • Large space rendering mode
    • Enhanced scripting and interactivity
    • Ordering custom options
    • and more...
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  • ArtisGL 3D Publisher
  • All-In-One 3D Publisher
    • Create, Render, Share, Print and Publish 3D
    • Real-Time Rendering
    • Publish to Web
  • Download
  • ArtisGL Exporter Plugins
  • Export directly from 3D tools
    • Autodesk® Revit®

    • Autodesk® 3DS Max®
    • Blender®
  • Download
  • ArtisGL 3D Mobile Viewer
  • Browsing of Real-Time 3D models
    • Browsing of hundreds of real-time 3D models
    • 360 panoramas
    • And more
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Allow users to share their 3D vision over the world.

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Allow users to share their 3D vision over the world.

What our users are saying

  • Pretty awesome!
    This app lets you easily publish 3D models and does not require special skills to do that.
  • Great as Others have said
    Very nice App. for 3-D they have given you enough to keep you busy and produce some really nice work to show off. Give it a try you can't go wrong, at least I don't think you can. The biggest and nicest part it is Free. Nice group of People to offer it for free.
  • Very useful app, liked it form the beginning, makes it so easy to publish my 3D models on the web
  • You guys are doing some incredible programming. This app is just unbelievable. You guys truly rock. I appreciate you guys letting me assist, I've been blown away by the results the entire time.
    John Long

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