ArtisGL 3D Publisher 2.0 is coming. Relive your models and sell it.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

New version of ArtisGL is coming. 3D presentation never was easier.
Relive your 3D models. Present your model within multiple appearance modes.
ArtisGL 3D Publisher 2.0 introduces new level of 3D presentation.


  • Multiple appearance modes for model. Setup different environment and materials for each case.
  • Change color of your model directly in browser
  • Add dynamic hotspots to model
  • Make your model clickable; attach your website URL directly to model
  • Animate camera inside published application
  • Deploy to PC and mobile platforms.
  • Powerful material editor
  • Powerful environment editor
  • Customizable texture library
  • Real-time rendering
  • Powerful image effects
  • Possibility to put direct link to model's download or selling page
  • Set pricing of model
  • Search for free or paid models online 


Version 1.0 still available on Windows store, download and try it now


See published demo (press arrow on left)

Interactive panorama demo with 3D world


 Trailer video


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