ArtisGL 3.0 - All-in-One 3D Publisher

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New version of ArtisGL implements advanced concept of 3D publishing. Create, render, share, print and publish 3D content over the world. ArtisGL is a powerful real-time rendering engine which produces various presentation-ready results. You can render in real-time, publish to WebGL, promote for free, animate, share, and print your 3D scenes and models. All content is Virtual Reality ready. 

New functions in version 3.0

Please note: Add-on functions are under development now and will be available for sale soon.

  • Material Grouping
  • Custom and Editable Light Sources
  • Static viewpoint dependent Light Source
  • 3D Printing
  • High resolution image (Add-on)
  • 360 photo from current view (Facebook 360 sharing compatible)*
  • WebVR support
  • Custom mapping options
  • Video output (Add-on)
  • Export as (Add-on)
  • Walking mode camera (Add-on)
  • Camera Field of View
  • Depth of Field Effect

ArtisGL 3D Publisher has the following powerful editing and publishing options:

* Function is temporary available for free. We are improving the function now to new resolutions and better quality, so in future versions it will be available with coming Add-ons.

ArtisGL 3D publisher is available for free download from Windows 10 store

 For more details visit HELP section




    • Real-time rendering
    • Physically based rendering pipeline
    • Environment reflections
    • Ambient occlusion
    • Refraction
    • Image-based lighting
    • Directional, point, and spot lights
    • Soft shadows
    • Normal mapping
    • Static on-camera light


    • Material grouping
    • Material extraction for object's elements
    • Common material editor
    • Maps:Texture Map, Bump Map, Normal Map, Environment Map,
    • Roughness Map, Metalness Map, Ambient Map, Opacity Maps
    • Blending options
    • Translucency options
    • Automatic UV mapping calculations
    • UV tiling and offset regulation
    • Wire-frame, Flat,Smooth and various shader options
    • Custom textures library




    • WebVR ready content
    • Interactive hotspots
    • Interactive menu items
    • In-browser color changing options
    • In-browser camera navigation options
    • Multiple appearances generation for each scene
    • Interactive appearance menu
    • Hints


    • Field of View regulation
    • Multiple cameras manager
    • Object viewing camera
    • First-person camera (add-on)
    • Depth of field (add-on)
    • Tone mapping
    • Camera animation (add-on)




    • Add panoramic background
    • Generate various predefined grounds
    • Water effect support
    • Mirror support
    • Custom ground generator
    • Background color
    • Save/Load environments


    • Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation
    • Blur, Sepia, Luminosity
    • Bloom
    • Ambient Occlusion
    • Particles: rain, snow
    • Depth of Field





    • Import over 40 3D models
    • Models merging during import
    • Save as ArtisGL Project
    • Export to .OBJ,STL,.FBX (add-on)


    • Publish and promote your models on
      (WebGL and WebVR ready)
    • Publish panoramic image to the Web
    • Publish interactive scene to local WebSite (WebGL and WebVR ready)
    • Deploy to PC and mobile platforms
    • Produce high quality screenshot
    • Generate 360 Facebook-ready image
    • Produce HD video output (add-on)
    • 3D Print





    • Add-ons library
    • GLSL shader support
    • ArtisGL per-customer needs customization
    • Skeleton and Camera animation add-ons


    • Free hosting on models for each ArtisGL 3D Publisher user
    • Free promotion of your models
    • Free profile information with user website information
    • Possibility to put direct link to model's download or selling page
    • Contact to user option
    • Search for free or paid models online






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