ArtisGL 2.0 Released. Make your 3D models live and sell it

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

ArtisGL 3D Publisher 2.0 is released and available under Windows Store

Make your 3D models live and sell it. Integrate 3D content to your website for free. 
Promote your 3D content with multiple looks.

Now you can connect model’s sale or download URL to portal.
Promote direct download URL of 3D model and add pricing information if necessary. 

ArtisGL 2.0 tool provides new powerful functions for online 3D rendering and interactive content. Web 3D publishing never was easier. 

1. Multiple appearances and environments for same model 
2. Interactive hotspots and actions for model 
3. Powerful real-time rendering 
4. Updated “Sample Models” sections with new interactive examples 
5. Possibility to put direct link to model's download or selling page 
6. Set pricing of model 
7. Search for free or paid models online 

Try latest ArtisGL 2.0 interactive demos 

Update your version now and try it 


ArtisGL provides powerful 3D content optimization mechanism and makes ready your models for online 3D. 

See updated HELP section of


Real-time rendering

Multiple presentations of same model

Powerful material editor

Interactive hotspots

Promotion of download URL

Embed 3D content to your website


Finally see trailer video


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