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Monday, November 6, 2017

Artis Graphic Laboratory can help you.

Publish your models on, give your price and link it to your marketplace, allowing thousands of visitors to see your ALIVE models instead of screenshots, pictures and descriptions.
Using this free service is very easy by following steps below:

1. Register at

2. Download free ArtisGL 3d Publisher from Windows 10 store.

3. Launch the application and import your 3D model.

4. Edit your 3D model if necessary, put it in different environments, create views and appearances, show wireframes, adjust properties such as opacity, shininess, color, emission, reflectivity, etc.,

5. Publish your model to the portal, mentioning price and link where this model can be purchased.

6. Access your published 3D models any time and make any changes.

ArtisGL is secure and it does not store original 3D data on the website. 3D models are encrypted and optimized for the web.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions,

Good Luck!
ArtisGL Team

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