Importing and editing multiple objects in a single scene

Primitive objects creation directly in ArtisGL

3D Text generation

Fast rendered realistic tree and grass generator directly inside ArtisGL 3D Publisher

Improved loading and rendering speed of published 3D scenes

Up to 5 million (in free version) and 10 million polygons (in paid version) are supported in single scene

Possibility to move/scale/rotate multiple objects in a single scene and various appearances modes.

Predefined multiply lighting schemes support

New material effects, such as real mirror and animated water on selected space.

Animation tracks creation with multiple objects movement/rotation/scaling together with multiple presentations mode.

Improved lights and render engine

Export to OBJ, STL, GLTF 2.0 or GLB, with possibility to export objects and/or environments.

Publishing to Facebook 3D Posts (3MB limitation of size)

Powerful Project Manager window

New Autodesk Revit, Blender and 3DS Max plugins

ArtisGL paid plan cost will be decreased to 14.99USD monthly

Custom Enterprise plan and custom API support

Coming soon in version 4.2 or later - skeleton FBX animation

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