Animation Scenario can be published by various ways.

1. Publish scenario in interactive ArtisGL scene on or local WebSite (ArtisGL Viewer)

2. Publish as MP4 Video

3. Attach to Hotspot (Action=Play animation)

Publishing on-line for ArttisGL Viewer scene

If Publish as Menu Item option is selected then green menu item will be created in ArtisGL viewer in published scene for each scenario.

If Play Automatically is selected then animation will start playing after scene loading.

if Loop Playing is selected then animation will play in ArtisGL Viewer by looping until Stop is pressed in viewer.


See the demo

Exporting Video

See next section of help

Attaching to Hotspots

Create hotspot and select Action=Play Animation. Also select animation scenario which should be played when clicking on hotspot.

This option available under Hotspot menu. See Hotspot section in Help for more details.

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