The following section allows to control lightning and shadows.


Spot light

Directional Light (Sun)

Point Light


Main Light

Ambient Light

Static Light

Custom Lights

Default dynamic light. Enough in most cases

Ambient light controls overall background lights

In-camera light. Provides  uniform lighting from point of view.

Custom lights can be added to scene. Light can be selected and moved in real-time

Shadow Options

Each light source has the following shadow options

Enabled - On/Off option

Resolution - quality of shadow

Shadow Bias - allows to remove shadow artifacts from scene

Softness - shadow smoothness level

Self Shadows

Objects Shadow option controls how the object receives shadow from light sources.

Normally object cast shadows only from faces, which are visible to light source.

In case if object does not cast shadow correctly, it means that objects normals and faces are not fill object from all sides. In this case select Full Shadow option, which is slower but calculates shadow from all sides (visible and visible) for each light source.

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